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Bearing Fitting Tool kit

Model AM 100 Mark III :
» Features
A vital Tool Kit for Fast, Safe & Accurate Mounting of Bearings    
• Consists of 3 Aluminium Alloy sleeves and 33 impact rings. The sleeve impact   surfaces and rings are made of  Super tough, light weight, impact resistant,  ultra high molecular weight (UHMW-Pe) polyethylene material.
• Allows one to mount more than 200 types & sizes of Bearings and other  components between a bore diameter   of 10 mm to 50mm with precision &  accuracy.
• Each sleeve can accommodate 200 mm (8") projecting shaft length.
• The mass including, case weighs about 6 kgs. inclusive of a special mallet.
• The entire tool is packaged in a special carrying case.
Bearing Fitting Tool kit
» Advantages
• Extremely light kit makes it very portable and convenient to handle.
• Ensures ready availability of components for mounting the Bearings when  required.
• Even distribution of mounting force ensures accurate alignment and damage free  mounting.
• No chance of dust or dirt being injected in the Bearing.