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Air Intake Filters
Air Oil Seperators
Air Intake Filters
Air Oil Seperators
Filtration media is a unique 'composite' structure with a special    graded pore construction of inert, impregnated and bonded with specially formulated resin for long service life.

Filtration media are so perfectly pasted that it does not cause any leakage of unfiltered air and oil to engine.

Low maintenance and high reliability in operation.

Filters provided substitute to filter elements for all make of Indian and  Internationally renowned Compressors.
Fine oil precipitators for screw compressors retain lubricating oil in the compressed    air and return it to the lubrication circuit, thus ensuring high performance and    economical operation.

Spiral wrap of outer mesh provides uniform diffused flow throughout the length of    the element for optimum filtration.

Outer mesh material is gauged to provide proper strength and cadmium-coated for    corrosin resistance.

High quality materials and manufacturing quality, optimally adopted to the respective utilisation, ensure long life and high perfomance.
Oil Filters :    
These are industrial Spin-On filters used for low pressure return line and  suction. These are easy to change and use and are pleated type in order to   provide the maximum filtration area.
Oil Filters