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Industrial Stethoscope

Model AM 200 Mark I :
» Features
A quick health monitor for your Bearings & other equipment    
• Comes complete with its main unit, Head phone set, A flexible probe, Battery set in    a special carrying case.
• This is a new generation unit with ultra sensitive microphone and amplifier,
• Incorporates a db meter, monitor, with 7 levels of sound control setting from 60 db    to 120 db.
• It also has a special adjustable High / Low volume control.
Industrial Stethoscope
» Advantages
• This is an advanced electronic stethoscope, providing full range of sounds needed  in all industrial applications.
• It senses the faintest vibrations and identifies the source of noise and the location  of the defective part.
• 7 sound level control settings enables the operator to select the correct frequency  from 60 db to 120 db and offering clarity and versatility of sounds hitherto  unmatched for
• This unique product is used to detect bad bearings, bushings, chipped gear teeth,    exhaust leaks, wind and water leaks etc.